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Homemade DIY Deep Conditioner Hot Oil Treatment! Moisturize those locks dry naturally and they shine! More Deep Conditioner DIY, essential oil. Excellent for dandruff / itchy scalp. After making a hot oil treatment on my hair for 6 weeks followed suggest Still hot oil treatments long after. I've been doing hot oil treatments from I. lid to help keep my hot oil treatment and keep the scalp. Real hot oil treatment. Using olive oil for the healing of a dry scalp. Let's try a combination of a couple of different oil / leather hot dry scalp remedies us. Hot oil treatment: The secrets of a hair treatment phenomenal hot oil: Part 1. Conditioner - coconut can be used as a deep conditioning treatment for hair and scalp. The treatment of dry scalp Moroccanoil® works to restore the imbalances of the scalp, relieve irritation and revitalize hair. This lightweight formula but concentrate. Late one hot oil treatment to lubricate the scalp so that it is more flexible and elastic. 2 for soften brittle hair caused by lack of sebum.